Sunday, March 16, 2008

Sunday in the Park 39ks

Due to some work issues yet again I couldn't get out to SMC to run the 30k or to do the Striders STaR at Putney.
Went out late morning for part of my run today. Due to my heel still hurting I ran around mostly on the grass in Centennial Park. Stayed under the tree cover as it was pretty warm as well.
Ran 16ks in 1:15.55. Average pace of 4:44 per klm. Not bad on the grass and sand in the park.
Had to have lunch with the parents so couldn't do what I wanted so will have to run later.

2nd part of the day. Not as warm in the sun as earlier with the sun going down. The sea breeze was pretty strong though. 30ks an hour apparently. Did a few different loops around Centennial Park on the grass. Total was 23.2 ks in 1:52.08. Average pace of 4:50 per klm.
Seems a lot harder to run fast on the grass and sand. But it sure helps on keeping the sore heal a bit happier.
Total for the day was 39.2ks in 3:08.3. Average pace of 4:47 per klm. Seems I'm getting slower in my long runs the closer I get to Canberra which is a worry for me.


Will the Frenchman said...

Hey Mate,

Seems you are doing 35km+ long runs every week. do you ever take recovery weeks?

Good luck for Canberra!

Smartphone said...

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Anonymous said...

"Sunday in the Park 39ks"

also known as -

'The Long List of Excuses for Being Soft'.

"Ooh I had work issues"
"Ouch my heel is sore"
"Ohhhh the weather was warm"
"I had to run on grass and sand"
"I had to take luncheon withh Mummy and Papa"
"There was a big bad sea-breeze"

Do us all a favour. GIVE UP.

Here's something for all the arse-kissers on this lame blog to drool about -

"Lil' Bluey 30km SMC 2:08 average pace 4:16."

Yeah he said it was bloody hot and his fractutred pelvis gave him crap and oh yeah it was only one week after Six Foot but that's my li'l boy ya' don't hear him whingein' do ya'?

Blue Dog's Mum.
Blue Dog's Mum.