Wednesday, March 12, 2008

MLR 18ks

Ran around Centennial Park on the grass tonight as my heel was hurting a fair bit. So run was slower than I wanted. Still 23 degrees and 74% humidity as well.

Ran 18.74ks in 1:34.19. Average pace of 5:02 per klm.

I think I'll be faster than that in the 1st K Ewen. Depends on the other runners and the heat I guess. The race is at 4:30pm at Blacktown so somewhere in the 30's could be the temp.
Thanks Steve, just couldn't do the training for six foot this year.

Attn Blue Dog's Mum: Your son phoned me from the finish line of Six Foot gloating about his great finishing time. He told me he ran with a broken leg, a sprained bum, a fractured skull and malnutrition. But he said he could have run faster just wasn't his year.


Tesso said...

Nyuk nyuk nyuk :-)))))

Anonymous said...

A Statement from Blue Dog:-

I would like everyone who reads this to know that after finishing Six Foot the very first phone call I got was from Superflake who was watching the results online.

His call was not to congratulate me but to point out that I had missed out on beating Action's race PB (from 1992) by a few seconds.

I thought he showed very poor sportsmanship.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry Lil' Bluey

Slowflake couldn't run outa' sight on a dark night so he drags everyone else down all the time 'cause that's the sort of miserable turd he is.

Blue Dog's Mum.

Glenda said...

This has to be the most entertaining blog around...I can't wait to see what BD"s mum says after your 3km race...hope you have a blinder.

Ewen said...

Settle down Blue Dog's Mum... Flake can too run out of sight - it's getting dark early these evenings at Centennial Park.

Bluey's 6' wasn't that great. He didn't break his leg until the Deviation, so he only ran the last 10k using a dead branch for a crutch.

I hope it's not too hot Paul. You can still run 10 minutes with 3:23, 3:20 and a fast last 400m.

Luckylegs said...

I think the same as Tesso!