Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Egg Run 40ks

Couldn't find the Easter Bunny this morning but there were a few honey bunnies in the park. I love a run around Centennial park in the morning.
Did basically the same 10k loop three times to see how my pacing was doing. It turned out almost the same each lap I did. In the end I did an out and back 5ks and then tried to run the last 5ks at race pace. I was close to it but it was very tough.
The weather was nice and cool for once. Got a go Striders from someone this morning, no idea who it was.

Finished with 40.4ks in 3:06.14. Average pace of 4:36 per klm. Now that is more like the pace I need for a training run. I'm happy. Now for some taper.

Happy Easter everyone. I'm loaded up with a 3 hour easter lunch. Very good!


johnny dark said...

Cracking long run Paul.
Smart tapering will surely give you that result you're craving in Canberra.


Rob said...

Happy Easter to you too Paul.

It was good that you were happpy with your final long run. You certainly have put in the work so now it is almost time to reap the rewards.
Enjoy the taper.

Spud said...

Nice one Flake, carve it up at Canberra mate.

Tesso said...

Nice work on the long run Flakey. Bet you're looking forward to the taper as much as the rest of us.

Wondering what happened to the Easter Bunny? Check Robert Song's blog ...

Tom said...

Great run mate and good luck in Canberra. Would love to see a "2" at the start of your marathon finishing time. Don't worry about that final 7.8km - think of it as a warmdown.

Anonymous said...

Hi there Paulie. Whydya run a marathon three weeks before you're gonna ... run a marathon?

Sometimes I think ya fell outa the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down.

Oh well, at least ya did somethin right by gettin ya sorry arse down to Centennial and watchin Lil' Bluey carve em up at Sri Chinmoy.

And I see ya took some nice pitchers of the Lil Champion too.

Maybe ya could stick em on ya bedroom wall for inspiration and hope like hell ya can be half the runner he is when ya get to his age.

I'd just like to wish ya all the luck in the world for Canberra Paulie cause ya gonna need it.

Love and kisses, Blue Dog's Mum.

Ewen said...

I'm betting a bottle of cheap sherry with Blue Dog's Mum on you running a 2:5X marathon split during the 50k.