Thursday, March 13, 2008

ES Marks 10x400m Reps

22 degrees and 79% humidity. Ran on the track at Kensington tonight, plenty of people around enjoying the warmth. Did a 2k warmup and then did half a dozen strides before starting.

Reps were: 77, 75, 75, 75, 75, 76, 77, 76. All done with a 70 sec. walk recovery. I know the recovery is a bit too long.

Did a 2k cool down after finishing.

Yep I admit my mum rang little bluey but he was out of range so she left a message saying he should have run faster like her son flake would have to beat Action's PB. Maybe next year Dog you'll get out of the kennel earlier in the morning.


RITH said...

Hey Flakey,
Keep pushing with the shorter recs mate. The 1kms and this session yesterday will pay dividends. Its already started to.

Ewen said...

What is Action's PB? You would have run 4:15-4:20 this year Flake. What did little Bluey run?

Unless you're running much faster, keep the recoveries short. Two days before one of my sub-10s I ran 4 x 400 in 67 with a 400 jog recovery.

Good luck today Paul, hope it's not too hot out there.

Superflake said...

4:16.03 from 1992. But Blue Dog did beat his Vets PB of 4:50.51 from 2005.

Anonymous said...


I would like to formally announce that Superflake is officially an IDIOT.

The Stephen Jackson he is referring to from Six Foot Track in 1992 is not our friend and colleague 'Action' but a different Stephen Jackson.

This has been verified by Action himself (whose 6ft PB is 4:50 ... yet another victim of Lil' Bluey).

So there it is. Scientific proof. Flake is indeed an idiot. And a goose.

End of message from Blue Dog's Mum.

Ewen said...

Yeah Blue Dog's Mum, but Action ran that time as grim reaper sweep for the elite wave, carrying a broom and a trumpet and wearing a Driza-Bone.