Friday, March 07, 2008

Tempo + Hills + Tempo

Did a 2k warmup in the windy Southerly blowing. It was getting pretty humid and the sky wasn't looking too flash either.

Ran 2.5k in 9:55. Average pace of 3:58 per klm. Well that was the easy part.

Jogged over to hill nearby which isn't that steep. The rise is about 10m from top to bottom. It does go up for 300m though so was good for the purpose. Did 6 reps of the hill and had the rain start to come during the middle of the reps.

Ran the 2.5k back home again in 10:03. Average pace of 4:01 per klm. The rain started to bucket as I was running back home.
Did a 2k cool down after the session.
Probably couldn't do those reps if I did the recovery shorter Tom. The 3000m is next weekend at Blacktown Ewen. SMC have a 5k the next morning. Not sure I'll be up for the 5k though.

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Ewen said...

I hope the weather is good for it. It'd be worth having a couple of easy days prior (even 3) - no skin off the marathon prep, and it'd give you a chance of getting close to 10.

The 2.5k reps were around 5k race pace - you could probably run 10k race pace and shorten the recovery.

Missed you on the bus. Funny, we had two stops - same bloke, for a chunder each time. Luckily no heart attacks this time :)