Tuesday, March 11, 2008

ES Marks 6x1k Reps

Couldn't quite match the HuRT squad for intensity or for talent. So I took my hack of talent around to the track at Kensington.
22 degrees and 74% humidity with the sea breeze still blowing pretty strong.
Did a 2k warmup and half a dozen strides before starting.

Reps were 3:27, 3:23, 3:26, 3:28, 3:25, 3:26. All done with a 100 second walk recovery.

Did a 2k cool down after finishing.


26miles said...

Good effort on the reps Flake with just a short recovery too!
Congrats on the p.b. the other day also - gee's I'm glad you didn't run six foot - concentrating on Canberra is a good plan.

Anonymous said...

Well isn't that just the beez knees Paulie!

It looks like you will run a few fast kilometres in Canberra.

Dunno' where the 100-second walk recoveries will fit in though.

I have added up those rep times and in Canberra if you walk a distance of 150 metres for each 100 second recovery you will be at the 6.90 kilometre mark in 30:35 and if you keep doing that you will not break three hours.

It's a different way to run a marathon but it still won't work.

Give yourself an uppercut.

Blue Dog's Mum.

Ewen said...

The second one would be a good opening k for the 3000. Get your head in the right place and you'll do well.

Tom said...

Nice and consistent mate and I like those recoveries...