Wednesday, May 26, 2010

MLR 12ks

Temp 17 degrees.
85% humidity
Wind 30kph with gusts over 50kph
Squally rain showers.
Only a mad bugger would run in the slop I ran in tonight. But it was fun in the mud puddles.

Ran from work and ran around the outside of Centennial Park and back to work.
Total was 12.56ks in 1:00:38. Average pace of 4:49/k.

Very pissed off at not being given a preferred start for C2S after doing an 83:34 at SMH Half. What do they want sub 80? I know I ran 56:37 last time but that was August and I wasn't even fit. Have to line up again this year.
Edit: Need a sub 82 half to get preferred at C2S.

1 comment:

Ewen said...

I wouldn't worry about it Paul. I walked in the back of the A start about 20 mins before the start and it only took 10 seconds to cross the line.