Wednesday, May 05, 2010

MLR 20ks

Ran from work on a cool night. Very windy. Did a couple of laps around Centennial Park and then ran back to work.
Total was 20.06ks in 1:37:02. Average pace of 4:50/k. Legs felt sore after last nights run.

Spud I'm doing Christchurch Marathon the first week of June. Supposed to be pancake flat. Even flatter than the gold coast as the only bridge has about a 2m rise and fall.

Ok it is close to TJA territory. Thought you were still recovering from achilles?

Bit of a hill near the roundabout Tom plus a couple of rough spots near the pool where the path disappears.


Tom said...

TJA may have introduced the track to me. But when he started concentrating on Ultras and forgot about speed, I think I inherited it...

Ewen said...

Yes, I've heard it's a fast course. I'm hoping you get a dry day and about 10C.