Sunday, May 02, 2010

Willoughby Winder STaR 29ks

A nice cool, foggy start to the morning. Really great to run in today. Pity there were not more out enjoying the run.

Started in North Willoughby and ran down to the very bottom of Castle Cove and then headed back up through the 5ks of bush, which meant plenty of single track and some bush stairs as well. Very slow to the 10k point in only 60 mins.
Then it was through Middle Cove, Sugarloaf Pt, and Northbridge. At this point the remaining 6:20 starter left me at the 20k point. First time ever I have run long on my own.

When will these slackers get up and run 30ks?
Since I was left to my own devices it was downhill to Tunks Park and back up to Cammeray where I caught up with a lone 6am runner so just had to run back to the finish with her.

Total was 29.6ks in 2:37:31. Average pace of 5:19/k. The run was H4 on the hills scale with bush and stairs so I expected it would be a bit slow. Next week Buffalo Creek STaR out of North Ryde. More hills and bush!


Ewen said...

Sounds like the STaR runners have gone soft.

Spud said...

Good to see the trianing is consistent Paul. Weekly STaRs and lots of speedwork. What have you got lined up...future races GC?