Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tourist Trot STaR 25ks

Started in Centennial Park and then ran through Rushcutters Bay, King Cross, the CBD before crossing the bridge. Most of us decided to short cut the run so turned around at the Milsons Pt end of the bridge and ran back through Circular Quay, the Opera House, Botanical Gardens, Wooloomooloo, and the Cross and back past the SFS and SCG to the finish.

Got through most of the run until we got drenched near Mrs Macquaries Chair. Very cold and wet at the end. Hands were very numb. STaR hosts had hot chocolate with marshmallows. I had coffee though. What was I thinking? Had trouble getting my shoes off afterwards as the hands were so cold.

Total was 25ks in 2:01:07. Average pace of 4:50/k. Pace was ok in the cold and wet plus the run has some stairs as well. Was only 10 degrees but with windchill was actually 8 degrees and raining.
Ventured to Rebel Sport after that and bought a short sleave undergarment top for the marathon, plus skins arm warmers and a beanie and headband. I'll be very dark in all my photos after this race. Striders top will fit over the top anyway.

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Matt said...

Good luck Flake - was hoping to do Christchurch also this year alas it was not to be. Don't forget to trial your new gear before the race :)