Thursday, May 13, 2010

One hour @ MP

So what do I call it now? The Golf course tempo loop?
Ran from home along Manly beach which was being pounded by some big surf and up to Queensliff Lagoon. The lagoon sand wall the council pushes up at the surf end had been flattened by the surf so water was running up to Queensliff surf club wall almost. Unusual.

After the lagoon I did two laps of the forementioned loop and ran back home. Hard work tonight with the cold southerly still blowing.

Total was 14.36ks in 60:02. Average pace of 4:10/k. Oops a bit quick.

1 comment:

Luckylegs said...

I hope to at least catch sight of you on Sunday, Paul! I don't thin I'll be making or breaking any records!

Have a great race before the big one in Christchurch.

I'll be wearing my CR cap..... as well as all other required clothing!