Tuesday, May 04, 2010

70mins @ MP

20 degrees and 60% humidity and a bit windy as well tonight.
Ran from home up to Balgowlah and back via Queenscliff lagoon and the Manly Beach front.
Did 2 loops of the secret Tom Highnam tempo run course. 2.5k lap in case Tom forgot to measure. Almost dead flat as well.

Total was 17.02ks in 1:11:13. Average pace of 4:11/k. Almost spot on.

Maybe they are waiting until after SMH Half to come back to 30ks Ewen?


Tom said...

Nice run. Will do you the world of good. Pretty handy 2.5km loop now they've paved the whole track. Wouldn't call it completely flat though. There's a definite hillock up to the roundabout!

tja said...

i wouldn't call it Tom Highnams tempo track either.

Ewen said...

Ah yes. I'd forgotten about the SMH. Good run, and right there with the pace.