Monday, December 27, 2004

Bay Run CR 5k challenge

Singlet and cap sales are going well Kevin.At least 40 attacking the bay.
Thunder and Lightning just before the start, and where do we stand under the nearest tree. doh!
Started with the 20min group, Horrie, Mister g, gnscon, ray james, blue dog. Not sure who else.Got to the 2k marker in 7min39s. A bit of light rain fell until about this time.Hip didn't feel good after a 30k striders hitout on boxing day.

Started reeling in the earlier starters about the 3k mark, Johnny dark.Then Kevin just before haberfield rowers.Eventually managed to get past blue dog(who started with us) in the last k, and then had Uncle Dave take me about 500metres from the finish. He started later.

I think Lefties time from last challenge may have been beaten. He had a 17:09 last time.But with Sparkie running it may have fallen.

Managed a 19:18 for a 17 second PB. Yeehah!
That's it game over last 'race' for the year.That sub 40 10k is coming.
Then jogged 4k back around to the car at the start. Didn't time that.


Eddie said...

Congratulations on the PB Superflake. You and Horrie both with PB's - that's great.

Horrie said...

That's not half of it Eddie. After doing our 30km run on Sunday, Superflake turned up to the 5km challenge limping quite noticeably with a hip strain. For the second time in 2 weeks I was waiting for him to come back to me, but again it didn't happen. My forecast for you Superflake is you will go sub 19 at the next challenge when you turn up fresh and tapered. But only after you blast through the 40 minute barrier for 10km at SMC. I will continue to do my best to try and stay in your slipstream, although I have to keep getting faster as well if I want to do that. Congratulations on another great run.

Clairie said...

Excellent running Superflake. Can't believe you did a 30km run on Boxing Day so fast followed by a race where you got a PB. So cool. :)

Superflake said...

Thank you ladies and gents. I think it is the recent start on doing intervals mid Nov that has given me the pace to lower the times. Will have to start with the 19min group next time.

Spud said...


Sorry I did not introduce myself at the CR5km challenge, even though we chatted for a bit afterwards, I didn't realise who you were, apologies.
Keep up the fine form you've shown, sub 40 min 10km is just a matter of time.