Sunday, December 19, 2004

SMC 10K December 19th

Last Race for the year.
Very Humid morning out at sunny Smithfield. Apparently it was 24 degrees and 75% humidity at 7.00 am. Not good conditions to run a PB. And the race started at 7.30.
Had MPHaz as our pacer to get under 40mins. Lost him at the start due to congested start area.
Got to the 2.5k in 9:45, 5k in 20:10, 7.5k in 31:15 and finished with a 40:39. Thats a 1:27s PB.

Ran the middle 5k in 21:30. It does have the hill both directions in it. Should have run it faster.
Not under 40mins but no excuses even the heat didn't effect my legs they were tired before the start.
Need more hill work before the next one.
Many cool runners there doing the 5,10 and 21.1k. First race next year for me is at SMC mid Jan.


Clairie said...

Congrats on the PB Superflake. Excellent effort. Now that sub 40 must be so tantilising. The heat might make Jan out of reach but certainly it can't be too far out of your reach.
Hills definitely make you a stronger faster runner. I must remember to do more too! :)

Superflake said...

Clairie thanks for that. My first 10k race in June this year was at 46:52 so 40:39 to end the year is good.

Horrie said...

That was a great run in the conditions Superflake. To take a 90 second chunk off your PB was a sensational effort. I think 40 will go in January myself if you're able to put another solid block of 4 weeks training in and don't over indulge at Christmas. And as I said somewhere else, I think you need to revise that 10km goal for 2005 to sub 38 or sub 39 at the least. Once again, congratulations on a great run.