Friday, December 17, 2004

Friday December 17th Intervals

Weather was very humid, NE seabreeze still blowing when I started about 7 pm.
Did 6x1k Intervals.
3:37, 3:32, 3:31, 3:40, 3:29, 3:36. With a 90 second jog recovery in between each rep.
The 32, 40 and 36 were into the wind. The 3:29 is my quickest ever 1k.
I was trying to run them between 3:45-3:50.
Must be getting faster!
Feels good for a sub 40min 10k at SMC this sunday.
Knee not as bad as I thought, may have been a sore muscle due to the downhills on my Sunday long run. Those blue gel packs are so good.
Forecast is fine for Sunday, so expect a hot day and pace at SMC and a PB. And watermelon.

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Horrie said...

You are blowing us all out of the water with reps like that Superflake. Can't see how you can't run under 40 minutes at SMC with form that good. I think you need to modify your 2005 goals to a sub 38 10km. You're on the same train that took MPHaz from a 46 minute 10km runner to a 37 minute 10km runner. See you at SMC tomorrow where I will be eating your dust.