Tuesday, December 07, 2004

December 7th 1k Intervals

Did intervals today.
6x1k with a 90sec walk/jog recovery.

3:41, 3:35, 3:38, 3:38, 3:44, 3:37.

Felt good trying to keep all the sets exactly the same.
Very hard tonight it was very windy and humid.
Probably try to do hills tomorrow depending on the weather.


Eddie said...

Well done Superflake. Very consistent and over so many reps. Well maybe if I keep training I too..........

Horrie said...

Superflake, your enthusiasm and passion for your running is really high and infectious. Just be careful that you don't string too many HARD sessions back to back. I find it helps to throw a long run in between hard sessions. This gives your body a chance to recover from your effort the previous day as well as build strength in your legs. This will help you in preparing for Canberra. Good luck with it all. Your recent spate of PBs shows this is working for you but you don't want to risk injury leading up to Canberra.