Friday, December 31, 2004

2004 A year in the Life..

Or End of year review.
Half Marathon reduced from 97:59 to 91:09.
C2S reduced from 77:43 to 62:52.
10k reduced from 46:52 to 40:41.
5k reduced from 19:54 to 19:18.

The only one I had run prior to this year was City to Surf.

Races Run Since June 1st:
Half Marathon -2 Sydney Half and Central Coast(NSW) Half.
C2S- Only one every year.
10k- Ran ten races for the year from Cambelltown/Malabar/Mosman/Smithfield/Lane Cove.
5k- 2 races Melbourne and Malabar. And 2 CR challenge runs around the bay.
Plus Maroubra 8k fun run and Bay Run 7k race.

Plans made:
Entered Canberra Marathon. First one.
Joined Sydney Striders Running Club for 2005.

Goals for 2005 were made on an earlier blog.
To be taken in context. I only started training in May this year, so have no previous history of races except 2002 and 2003 City 2 Surf.

Thursday, December 30, 2004

December 30th Speed Session

Did 6x1k Reps with a 90 second jog recovery between each.
Still very windy, southerly breeze blowing. Usual course.
Reps were 3:33, 3:26, 3:24, 3:33, 3:32, 3:34.

I was trying to run them between 3:30 and 3:35. Not sure how the two faster ones got in there.
Very happy to finish the year with them that fast. That's a 1k PB if you count that during a speed session.
I find that I now listen to my breathing a lot more and how my form is during each rep to keep it consistent for each. Must be learning something new.

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

December 29th Hill Reps

Hill reps. 200metre hill.
48-52 seconds up. Jog recovery back down of 60-70 seconds.
Did 20 up hill tonight. Same number as last week except faster.
Very windy due to the southerly blowing. Not humid though.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Cross Training

Well 18 holes of golf with my father and brother.
Is that cross training?

Monday, December 27, 2004

Bay Run CR 5k challenge

Singlet and cap sales are going well Kevin.At least 40 attacking the bay.
Thunder and Lightning just before the start, and where do we stand under the nearest tree. doh!
Started with the 20min group, Horrie, Mister g, gnscon, ray james, blue dog. Not sure who else.Got to the 2k marker in 7min39s. A bit of light rain fell until about this time.Hip didn't feel good after a 30k striders hitout on boxing day.

Started reeling in the earlier starters about the 3k mark, Johnny dark.Then Kevin just before haberfield rowers.Eventually managed to get past blue dog(who started with us) in the last k, and then had Uncle Dave take me about 500metres from the finish. He started later.

I think Lefties time from last challenge may have been beaten. He had a 17:09 last time.But with Sparkie running it may have fallen.

Managed a 19:18 for a 17 second PB. Yeehah!
That's it game over last 'race' for the year.That sub 40 10k is coming.
Then jogged 4k back around to the car at the start. Didn't time that.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Boxing Day Tourist Trot STaR 30ks

Met a bunch of other Sydney Striders for the Tourist Trot Star.
Start point was just outside Centennial Park near at the Showground gates.
The run was to be 28.7ks by the map.
Started with the 6:20 starting time group. Supposed to be at 5:30ks.
The run does a lap of the circuit at Centennial park before heading out down Ocean St to Edgecliff. From there we run past Rushcutters Bay, where Action(president) took us on a detour to the Cruising Yacht Club. We met the skipper of the yacht Action has been to Hobart on.
Detour over we run up the hill to Kings Cross and down William st to Hyde Park.
Run through the city down to the Rocks where we go up over the Eastern foot bridge of the Harbour Bridge. Crossed paths with the earlier start groups here. Picked up Brisbane CR Fatbloke down here on holidays.

Run around Blues pt and luna park and then back over the bridge again.
The run then goes along Circular Quay around the Opera House and Mrs Macquaries Pt into Woolloomooloo. We then run towards garden island naval yards and up into the Cross and then back past Aussie Stadium and the SCG to the finish. It's not called the Tourist Trot for nothing.
The group included Action, Mister G, Vat_Man and Horrie.

Horrie and myself ended up losing the group(they were ahead) around Circular Quay and ran on our own from there with Fatbloke until he left at the Boy Charlton pool and we continued to the finish.

The run ended up being 30ks which we did in 2hrs 25mins. Avge of 4:50 per k.
A lot faster than I wanted but pleased to get another 30k run done for Canberra training.
Previous 30k training I did on my own 2 weeks ago was at 5:10k pace. Lots of hills.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas Morning

Due to not running last night, late home from work and feeling tired. And it was raining.
I did my intervals this morning.
I decided to drive over to Timbrell Park and do laps of the park.
Strong southerly wind blowing and very humid. Really felt the wind at about the 200metre mark when you come out near the canal unprotected from the wind by the trees.
Made them slower due to being tired and wanting to stay consistent.
Reps were 3:45, 3:47, 3:44, 3:42, 3:43, 3:42.
Good effeort to keep the 5second gap between fastest and slowest.
Now home to wrap presents. Yippee its christmas day.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

December 23rd

Rest day.
Christmas shopping nothing else.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

December 22nd Midweek long run

Ran to Bondi, and then on to Rosebay and Double Bay and back again.
I ran part of the 15k star course.
A total of 21ks in a time of 1:40mins. Average of 4:46 per klm.
Windy, humid and many hills on this run. Especially big hill going home from Bondi Beach back up to Bondi Junction. By this stage I was at the 15k mark of my run. What fun.
I feel tired now.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

December 21st Hill Reps

After running the middle 5k with the hill in it at the recent SMC race in 21:30, I decided I needed to do more hill work. I didn't do any last week due to racing on Sunday.
My hill is only 200m in length but fairly steep.
I did 20 reps of the hill.
Times were between 52-58seconds up with a jog down in about 60/65 seconds to go again.
Makes it easy on the watch to work out.
Felt like stopping when I got to 18, but then thought if Mister G can run up Kosciuszko, I can run up a 200m hill two more times. What inspiration!
With an Easterly breeze blowing I had to run up the hill into the wind, oh what fun.
Long midweek run tomorrow.

Monday, December 20, 2004

December 19th Easy Recovery Jog

Easy recovery jog after yesterday mornings 10k race.
I ran 10k tonight in 45:42.
Well it felt easy to me even though the run is up and down hills around the outside of Centennial Park.
Strong breeze but not humid due to the southerly blowing.
New Cool Running singlet arrived in mail. Didn't break it in for this run.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

SMC 10K December 19th

Last Race for the year.
Very Humid morning out at sunny Smithfield. Apparently it was 24 degrees and 75% humidity at 7.00 am. Not good conditions to run a PB. And the race started at 7.30.
Had MPHaz as our pacer to get under 40mins. Lost him at the start due to congested start area.
Got to the 2.5k in 9:45, 5k in 20:10, 7.5k in 31:15 and finished with a 40:39. Thats a 1:27s PB.

Ran the middle 5k in 21:30. It does have the hill both directions in it. Should have run it faster.
Not under 40mins but no excuses even the heat didn't effect my legs they were tired before the start.
Need more hill work before the next one.
Many cool runners there doing the 5,10 and 21.1k. First race next year for me is at SMC mid Jan.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

December 18th

Rest day.
Have a 10k at SMC tomorrow morning.

Friday, December 17, 2004

Friday December 17th Intervals

Weather was very humid, NE seabreeze still blowing when I started about 7 pm.
Did 6x1k Intervals.
3:37, 3:32, 3:31, 3:40, 3:29, 3:36. With a 90 second jog recovery in between each rep.
The 32, 40 and 36 were into the wind. The 3:29 is my quickest ever 1k.
I was trying to run them between 3:45-3:50.
Must be getting faster!
Feels good for a sub 40min 10k at SMC this sunday.
Knee not as bad as I thought, may have been a sore muscle due to the downhills on my Sunday long run. Those blue gel packs are so good.
Forecast is fine for Sunday, so expect a hot day and pace at SMC and a PB. And watermelon.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

December 15th

Went for a run around Centennial Park.
Did 14.5ks in 66mins.
Have pain in the top of my right knee know.
Not sure if the muscle or something more sinister. Hope not.
Ice is on as I type this out.
May have to check with my doctor on Sat morning if I can get in.

2005 Goals

1. Sub 18:30 5k.
2. Sub 38:30 minute 10k.
3. C2S in under 55 minutes. Gets me into preferred and I won't have to line up 1.5hrs early.
4. Half Marathon in under 85 minutes.
5. Complete first Marathon. Goal is 3:30:00. Already entered Canberra and started training.

Sydney Striders

Just joined today for 2005 season.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

December 14th Intervals

Did 2x3.8k intervals tonight. Trying to run them at 3m45sec pace which is 14:15.
Ran around the running track in Centennial Park.
First was run at 14:26 3min48sec pace with an 8minute jog recovery.
The second was run at 14:52. Second one run at 3m55sec pace.
I did have a strong headwind spring up on the second one so that did slow me down a bit, but quite frankly just got tired.

Monday, December 13, 2004

December 13th Rest Day

After yesterdays 30k long run woke up this morning with a sore left hip and right thigh muscle.
Hopefully will be right for tomorrow. Had a lot of hills in the run yesterday.
Many thunderstorms this afternoon. Sitting listening to new U2 and Finn Brothers CD's, very nice. Definitely run tomorrow.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

December 12th Hail storm

In the cool, cool, cool of the evening I went for a 30k run.
In reality it was straight after the Thunderstorm we had in Randwick about 3 pm.

Started the run about 5.30 pm and after about 3ks I was rained on for the next 3ks.
So then had to continue for the next 25ks very wet and humid.
So did have goosebumps during the finish of the run as I got cold. Feeling better now.

Run was 30ks exactly, ran to Bondi surf club and then ran the 15k Bondi star from the sydney striders website. Plenty of hills in this run. Up from Randwick to Bondi Junction. Another hill from Double Bay to Edgecliff and then Bondi Junction. Then the hills going to Bronte and back. And then ran back to my house with a 1.3klm hill, top to bottom.
Did 30ks in 2hours 35 minutes. Ran at 5min 10sec pace. Lots of traffic lights.
Slower than I wanted to do but it isn't a dead flat run so quite happy with that pace.
I will get the run faster the closer I get to Canberra in April.

Saturday, December 11, 2004

December 11th afternoon storm

Worked this morning for 5 hours.
Played golf with my Dad in the afternoon.
I shot 19 over and he was 22 over.
I had five pars on the front 9, only 1 on the back.
Black clouds circling overhead but only a few drops of rain.
Have a christmas party tonight so no running today.
Will hit the road early tomorrow for a 30k run.

Friday, December 10, 2004

Friday December 10th Rain

Rest day.
Heavy rain starting falling about 3.00 pm today where I live and work.
Decided to have a rest day instead.
Working tomorrow morning and then playing golf, does that count as cross training?
Long run on Sunday.

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Hill Reps December 9th

Ran the hill just around the corner from my place. Only 500metres away, so why drive to find a steeper one. The hill is 200metres in length and fairly steep.
I have run flat out up the hill in 43seconds but would need a long downhill walk to recover.
Did 16 reps up today at 60seconds each.
Then jogged back down for recovery in 60 seconds.
Easier to work out on my watch doing them at 60 second pace.
Basically 32minutes of hills. May change the speed later when I get used to them or increase the number of reps. Or find a steeper hill further away from the house.
The only tuesday morning I have off to Lilyfield Rd is December 28th. May have to join the crowd of Cool Runners that day to check how I am doing.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

December 8th

Went for a run tonight. 14.5ks run in 65mins exactly.
Average of 4min 29s per klm.
Just have to keep that pace up for another 28ks and I finish the Marathon.
Two laps of outside of centennial park.
Very humid, windy and was showered on for a couple of minutes at one stage. Nothing heavy.
Legs felt tight at the start, but once I started I just cruised around. Must be running the hills on this run faster.
Have to do hill reps tomorrow. What joy!
Have a 10k race on the 19th and then the CR 5k challenge on the 27th left for the year.
Going for PB in both so lookout! Current 42:06 and 19:35.
Definitely can knock off that 10k on the 19th. Hope to do under 40mins.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

December 7th 1k Intervals

Did intervals today.
6x1k with a 90sec walk/jog recovery.

3:41, 3:35, 3:38, 3:38, 3:44, 3:37.

Felt good trying to keep all the sets exactly the same.
Very hard tonight it was very windy and humid.
Probably try to do hills tomorrow depending on the weather.

Monday, December 06, 2004

December 6th

Had a run today after seeing the forecast for Tuesday was Rain.
Should have rested after the half yesterday.
Ran 13ks around the outside of Centennial Park.
Surface was concrete,tar, grass, dirt and sand.
Very windy and humid.
Time was 56:17. 4min 20sec per klm. Felt fast today and turned out that way.
Almost exactly the same time as the half yesterday.
Today, first day of training for Canberra Marathon.

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Central Coast Half Dec 5th

Fantastic flat course. Mark it in the diary, it is only $20.00 with certificate and medal for the half.A few up and down wooden bridges as you go out along the bay at the entrance, along bike and walking tracks mostly.
Got to the 3k in 12:10. Quicker time than I wanted at that stage but I didn't even feel that. Hit the 11k mark just after the turnaround in 47:00. I didn't see the 10k mark on the grass but must have been there somewhere.Caught up to Blue Dog about the 14k mark, must have been the friday night drinks catching up with him. He is defenitely quicker than me over half. Look out for Blue Dog at SMC in a couple of weeks, might want to exorcise some demons.
Caught up to a backward running Vat_man at about the 15k I think, looking for Mister G.Ran with Vat_Man for about 4ks, couldn't keep up the pace to run with him to the end.And Vat_man finished under 90mins. Bugger!
Finished in 91:09. New PB yee hah! Old was 95:36.Thanks Vat_Man for the lift in the last quarter.Did manage a 44minute 10k on the way back.
Ran 4mins 19 seconds on average. Training has been at 4mins 30 seconds.

Next race is at SMC probably the 10k. Last chance for a 10k PB this year.
And I want the under 40mins bad....

Saturday, December 04, 2004

December 4th

Resting today have the Central Coast half tomorrow.

Friday, December 03, 2004

December 3rd

Didn't run today. Had to work until 10:30 pm.
No chance to do anything.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

December 2nd 2x3.8k Intervals

Did 2x3.8k intervals on the walking track inside Centennial Park.
Aim was to do the intervals at 14:25.
This would be 3.8ks at 3:45 pace.
Did the first one at 14:23. Right on the pace
Then had a 6 minute walking recovery before starting the next one.
Started off to slow in the second one and with a strong wind could not get back on the pace required. Did 15:09. 3:59 pace. Not flash.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

December 1st 1k Intervals

Did 6x1k intervals today with a 90second jog recovery in between the sets.

3:37, 3:39, 3:37, 3:42, 3:39, 3:43.

Done after the southerly came through.
Very fast session even with the wind. Every second interval was into the wind.