Thursday, November 22, 2007

ES Marks Track 6x300m Reps

Just before I started the weather was 22 degrees, 86% humidity and a 13 knot Southerly blowing. Excellent!
Ran in my spikes for this training session just to see how springy the track is for the race on Saturday. Turns out it is nothing like Homebush, very dead. But I'll still wear them anyway.
Did a 2k warmup before starting and half a dozen strides as well. Almost an empty track when I started.

The reps were 51.2, 52.7, 52.2, 52.6, 52.6, 52.8. All done with a 60 second walk recovery. Consistency plus. Did a 2k cooldown around the now empty track. The last runners left halfway through my session. Just me and the lights for company.

Happy with the reps as they are as fast as the last time I did them in late October. Still keen on going out at 3k pace for the 5k on Saturday. Just feel I let my training down in the 3k, where I should have been a lot faster.


Gronk said...

All the best to tomorrow mate !

Tesso said...

Have you read this thread on CR ...

Good luck!!!!

Tom said...

Yeah - good luck tomorrow Flake. What is the ambitious target, realistic target and the "I'll be upset if I don't get this" target?

Ewen said...

Good luck tonight Paul.

My estimate is 'around 18' is realistic as long as the wheels stay on.

If you're in 10 minute/3k shape you could still run a PB for 3k (10:20ish) and hang in for the last 2k. You might end up with a slower than possible 5k time, but if so, you can always try even pacing next time.