Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday Long run 19ks

I'm pushing it with the description of a long run, but it is all I'm doing at the moment.
Ran around Centennial Park, Moore Park, Fox Studios, The SCG and the Becks Entourage at the SFS late tonight. Actually did a lap of the park inside and realised it was a car free day today.

Total was 19.5ks in 1:34.13. Average pace of 4:49 per klm. The run is pretty flat so a good pace is expected on this run.

Some stats on my 5k/5000m races this year.
At the start of the year my PB was 18:54.
Jan State 5000m 18:38.
March CR 5k 18:28.
May SMC 5k 18:26. First race win.
Sept SMC 5k 18:54.
Oct SMC 5k 19:01.
Nov ES Marks 5000m 18:19.

I knocked 35 seconds off the PB for the year. I was very surprised to run the 18:19 after my two bad 5k's out at SMC. Must have been some tips from Ewen. Thanks mate.

And Tesso next week is the Half at Central Coast that I am running. Just have to hold back early and start knocking off 19:30 5k pace.

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Ewen said...

You should snag a PB at Central Coast - a bit 'over distance' from your current long runs, but good pacing will do it. Steer clear of a 3:30 first km ;)

The 5k improvement is down to the fast speedwork - getting unused muscle fibres strong.