Thursday, November 01, 2007

Getting faster

Around the bay run tonight. A bit windy with an easterly sea breeze blowing me around.
Plenty out walking tonight, needing a fair bit of dodging practice to get through the slow traffic.
Reps were excellent. Felt I could have run faster.

Reps went 3:19.7, 3:20.2, 3:19.8. All done with a 5 min walk recovery.

Fastest I've done a 1k rep in. It was 3:23 about a month ago around the bay.
9:59.7. But I did have to stop twice.


nando said...

Sure glad I'm not racing you in the 3k, there is no way I could keep up with that. :). Great to see that the times were consistent and you felt you had some extra speed. Sub 10 is looking promising.

Ewen said...

You're getting familiar with the pace.

Looks like a bit of a pay-off in the 10k this morning, even though it's not your best distance at the moment.

Tesso said...

Congrats on your fastest 1k rep. That 3k next weekend is looking good!