Saturday, November 03, 2007

Striders 10k Lane Cove

Nice weather for ducks this morning. An over flowing weir for the first time in ages. It was cool in the park during the race but really humid from the cloud cover and rain falling.

A quick first k which didn't seem fast at 3:30. The rest of the first half I struggled to maintain good pace and went through the 5k in 19:30. Not impressed.
On the way back I was running a lot better and passed a fair few runners down the hills and was taken back by some up them.
Managed to outkick about 3 runners from the last turn to the finish line.
Finished in 38:40 off my watch. About 3 mins better than last month at Homebush.

Now for the State 3000m at Homebush on Saturday night. Expect some taper this week, just not sure how much to back off since it is only 3k.
It will be a good night of racing regardless.

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Ewen said...

Back off the pace on the long runs. You could do a 'normal' hard track session Tuesday, something shorter and faster on Thursday (200s for example).