Saturday, November 24, 2007

Track 101= 5000m PB

Head: Stuff it I'm running my 3k pace for the 5k today.
Body: No you are not and I'll prove it to you.
Head: Bugger you I'm running fast so don't upset me. I've run the first lap in 3:23.
Body: Well you are not running the rest in that, I'll fix you.

And so it did.
They had too many entrants in the Male's race today so they split the sub 17 min runners out and made the rest of us run with the women. You know what the goal was to run hard at the start and hang on. Well that didn't work, but I don't care I picked up another PB. Two in two weeks.

Splits were 3:23, 3:40, 3:46, 3:53, 3:34. Finish in 18:18.4. Off my watch. Have to wait for the exact time when they put the results up.
This race has actually gone the same as nearly every 5k I have ever run. The first k is always the fastest and the last k the 2nd quickest. I kick for home from 600m out which helps.

Still an 8 second PB. Did I go out too hard. Definitely. But thats the thing about racing, you have to push your boundaries to make yourself faster. Back on the road next weekend with the Central Coast Half. Nice and flat.
Next track will be the 3000m at Homebush on December 15th. I'm hanging out for that 9:59. I want it!


Gronk said...

Well done on the PB mate. You've been working hard and it's paid off.

Tesso said...

Congrats on the PB Flakey!!! Good to see you gave the fast start a go, very gusty!

So are you 'racing' the half next weekend?

Ewen said...

Well done on the PB Paul - 18:19.86. Looks like it was really hurting in the 4th km.

It's pretty hard to fool the body. In an 800 (occasionally a 1500) you can get away with a 'too fast' start. Not in a 5000.

Pretty obvious, but this is why they have pace-makers in 5k WR attempts - to set up an even pace. Your first km can be 'a bit' under, but 16:55 pace is more than 'a bit'. You need 3:36s in the next one.

Try and fit in an 'all out' 2000m time trial before the 15th.

Bernie G said...

Fantastic result. I'm very happy to see all your hard work getting you the results you are capable of.