Saturday, November 10, 2007

State 3000m Track Titles= PB

Well I did run a PB for the 3000m and I'm happy about that. Time was 10:29.38. A 3 second PB over last years 3000m.

They ended up having 5 races for the males so I was in the E race. Started off ok and was running mid pack after the first 200m, slowly worked my way through the runners until I was in about 5th after the first k. This came up in a too slow split of 3:25. I needed under 3:20 for the sub 10 mins. Bugger.
Didn't run any better for the next k and passed that at 7 mins flat or a 3:35 k rep. Not happy with that. Got myself up into 4th spot for the last k and was happily cruising behind Sportsman by about 5 m. That was until the last 300m where I moved up behind him.
Ron waved me past at about the 100m to go and I sprinted for the line.
Did the last k in 3:27.

So you could say you ran a PB so stop complaining. That is true but I really did not run as fast as all the training has given me.
I did finish 3rd in the race.
Thanks to Ewen for all his help with training for this race. Sorry I ran like crap.

In a good note, both Tucks and Tom31 broke 9mins for 3k. Excellent! And Keith Bateman broke his State and National 3k Masters record running 9:09.


nando said...

Mate, you ran the race well. The overall pace was a bit slow early on but it was impressive seeing you coming up through the field to take 3rd. Well done.

Ewen said...

That's bad. Looks like the wheels were never on, let alone falling off. I would have said 10:20 was bad. You need to find another 3000 - you can't leave it at 10:29.

From the results, you might have been better off in the 4th heat, chasing, rather than in the 5th heat which was run too slowly.

Tom said...

I thought you ran well mate. You looked very strong over the final lap which suggests you probabloy drifted a little in the 2 laps beforehand, but McMillans puts a 10:29 at a 37:59 10km. Sub 10 was probably a bit ambitious for your first short race of the season.

Jen_runs said...

Don't be so hard on yourself Flakey. Congrats on the PB & the bling.

Tesso said...

Congrats on the PB. And the bling. Can't ever whinge about those!

That sub 10 is on the cards for sure, just hang in there.

Well done :-)

Bernie G said...

Congratulations on the PB, it's good to see all the hard work paying off.

Luckylegs said...

Never complain about a PB, SF! The day comes all too quickly when you don't get them anymore!

Good run! No crap about it at all!