Monday, January 12, 2009

Centennial Park 8ks

The legs were not feeling too good tonight. Hamstrings were feeling a touch stretched you would say. Anyway I ran down to Fox Studios and back, so boring I know.
Total was 8.2ks in 38:20. Average pace of 4:40 per klm. I even had rain fall on me. Don't think much touched the ground though.

The grass is good Ewen and I don't worry too much about speed on it. It feels nice to run on.


Eagle said...

I always enjoy reading what you are doing. It is very different to me as I am still doing a lot of k's and base building and no short fast stuff but that will come. I hope you stay injury free and get the the start line at Canberra as fit as you have ever been.

Ewen said...

Ray, 4:40 is no longer fast for Flake. That's his easy pace. Watch out in Canberra!