Monday, January 26, 2009

Menai Fun Run 8k

Variously advertised as 8k, when in the past it was 8.2k. Apparently the section of start in the carpark with a narrow right hand turn was taken out due to safety. Sounds feasible as our start was on a straight stretch of road.
The course was described by Nando and John Dawlings as hilly. I tend to agree after running this morning.

We had the usual fun run start. The all too common primary school kid 100m sprint and then stop in the middle of the crowd coming at them. Ah well, they will learn. Had no aspirations for this run other than to enjoy myself on the hills. I don't know about the uphills being enjoyable, but with my weight I was a killer on the downhills. Got to be fast somewhere.

Managed to get around the course in 36:39 and come 47th I think from the number they gave me. It was a great morning on Australia Day but humid as hell. 72% I think was the number.

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Ewen said...

Did you score an age-group podium? Must be hilly!

Give me 37 and dry any day over your humidity.