Thursday, January 01, 2009

Beyond the Black Stump Fatass 33ks

I was all camelbakked up with 4 hrs sleep as we embarked on a bloody great bush run at 6am.
Joined Spud and Rod the Hornet plus a few others to start early at 6am to avoid the heat of the day.
A great fog kept us well hidden as we ran along the trail down to the ferry. Too much chatting between the 3 of us as we hit the ferry after 58mins. Usually would be around 50mins. Just before reaching the ferry I sprained my ankle which lead to a very painful rest of the run.
We got to the ferry on time so we didn't have to wait which was a good bonus. Up the hill on the other side with the 3 of us staying together enjoying the run and the aerly cool temps.

Onto the trail and past the locked gate and down the road to the castle. I resprained my ankle along here so had to go a bit slower letting Rod and Spud go ahead.
On the way back from the castle the first of the 7am starters flew past the opposite way. I still probably had about 40mins lead on him.
I stopped for a drink at Jan's great drink stop. Love the cold can of coke and a few jelly babies.
Downhill to the ferry trying to chase Rod and Spud.

Reached the ferry and the ferryman said they were on the one before me so I was about 7mins behind them. I decided my foot didn't need twisting on a loose rock again so I took the road on the way back.
Very steep and hot on the black top. I met Rod and Spud just before the finish on the road.

Finished in 3:45.05. Probably about 32ks as the road back is a bit shorter than the bush.
My longest run since March when I was training for Canberra Marathon.
Great to get out in the bush for a run especially to start the New Year.
Hope everyone had a great New Year.


Anonymous said...

Dear Flakey,

I'm so thrilled that you achieved your first in jury of the year on New Year's Day!!!

A double-sprain of the ankle; excellent!

...And even sooner than Lil' Bluey predicted! He thought yoyu might make it to February at least.

What the heck were you thinking taking those flamingo-legs out on a trail ???

Here's some free advice ... HTFU.

Cheers, Blue Dog's Mum.

Ewen said...

Happy New Year to you too Flake. But how are you going to crack 10 for 3k doing that sort of training? ;)

Clairie said...

That Fatass sounds like so much fun...I think I say that each year so maybe one year I'll get down there for it.

Hope you have a super 2009 with your running and stay injury free enough to get through all the mad running you seem to do.

Hope to see you in Canberra.