Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tempo Run

I am lead to believe that a tempo run is supposed to be about 10 secs a k over your 10k race pace. Can't remember whose theory this was or is.
My last 10k was a PB but that was in March last year. And that was at 3:46 per klm pace.
With that in mind I set out to do a tempo run at 3:56 per k pace.

Did a 10 min warmup and a 20 min cool down after finishing.

Ran 2.5k in 9:44. Average pace of 3:53 per klm. Close enough.


Ewen said...

I can relate to that pace - my first km repeat at Stromlo was 3:53 yesterday.

I've been reading that longer tempo runs (6-10k) at half-marathon pace (4:00?) are good aerobic development for 5-10k racing.

Clairie said...

Great session Superflake. Thats a decent workout. I love tempo runs...from memory :) Can't wait to get into them again and you have inspired me to run one!