Thursday, January 22, 2009

NSW 5000m track titles

A very hot and windy homebush track greeted us tonight. They had so many males enter (75) that they added a 4th race which I ended up in. Ie- the slowest race.
I didn't have any expectations for the race at all. A good way to run sometimes. No pressure, no PB's to chase. Just run!

Settled into my state 3k race position of last. Hopefully I'll catch someone eventually. The seeding was a bit dodgy or maybe the filling in of recent form as Luke Sky Runner belted past me at the 2k mark heading for a 16:41 PB. Think he should have been in the 3rd race.

Mouth was very dry from the 2k mark onwards and everytime we headed down the back straight we were met by a strong headwind. The wind seemed to disappear by the time the 2nd race was run. I did manage to haul in EJ who was 2nd last by the 2nd last lap.

I rounded the bell at 18:57 and put on my Kenny Bekele sprint to finish in 20:21. A masterful performance if I do say so myself. I'm glad that finished I ran out of fingers counting to 12 and a half laps.

A great run by Tom H on the night with a 30 second PB. Would have run 15:30 if not for the wind and heat.

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Ewen said...

So much for my predicting ability! Sounds like a tough night. It's always harder at the back when there's no pack to run with.

You should stay in lane one too, when they're lapping you. Most of the guns expect this - in fact, we're instructed to stay in lane one. The guns then know what's happening. They don't have to guess if the runner is going to stay in or pull out. You probably ran an extra 50 metres. Sub-19 next time!