Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Hot and very Hot

Inspite of the late afternoon/evening cloud cover it was still 33 degrees when I went out for a run. I was so dehydrated I thought I did one more lap of Centennial Park than I actually did do.

Lucky the park has plenty of bubblers to drink from or I would have melted into a brown chocolate mess. Wouldn't be a good look in a yellow packet.

Total was 13.4ks in 62:27. Average pace of 4:39 per klm. Nice in the heat.

I was just trying to give Blue Dog hope that he could beat me at the Equaliser this year.
Ewen that plan went out the window with the lack of training for most of 2008.
Good to have you back running Clairie. See you at Canberra?

Did see Damien Tancred and Dave Byrne running in the park tonight.


miners said...

good to hear it's hot down there too. Finding it hard to run longer than an hour or so lately!

Clairie said...

As if the DOG would be able to get anywhere near you :))))))))

Yep I'll be at Canberra doing my long run. Looking forward to it.

Ewen said...

There's nothing more disgusting than hot melted chocolate. It was 35 here when I normally run, but a cool 24 at 8pm :)

Go for it next season then. Breaking 10 gets harder the older you get. Running longer doesn't.