Friday, January 16, 2009

Sydney Summer Twilight 5k

Walked over to Centennial Park to have a run with a few CR's. Reading the thread it looked like about 20 may turnup. I think it was more like 50 doing either the 5 or 10k.
Decided before the race to run it as a Marathon Pace 5k which meant running 21 mins for the 5k. I had Colin for company for most of the 1st k before his wine drinking kicked in and he pulled away from me.

Near the showjump grounds I heard a familiar sound behind, trying to disguise himself. He tried for 2ks to not clear his throat which gives him away. But he forgets I know what sound his feet make when he hits the tar so I didn't have to look around. It was the Red headed flat top wearing Ultra Blue Dog!

Apparently I was putting in a few Kenyan surges to try and drop the Dog. News to me, I was just pacing myself. Eventually the little blighter ran down hill past me just before the finish. I saw him punch the sky in enjoyment as he took off for the next 5k.

I casually glided in on pace at 21:02. Gee pacing plans work somedays. Very gusty all the way through the run.
Thanks to Colin for the waterbags, should come in good use on Sunday. Great to see so many CR's as well that I havn't seen for a few months.
Good hear Kanser went well at Dubai chasing Haile!

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Ewen said...

Perfect marathon-pace run Paul. Good on you for not getting sucked in.