Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jack Carter Cup 2009

An event I had to do this morning at my Surf Club. 4th year in a row that the team I was in has won. Will post more later. Sunburnt! and now I have to go for a run. Ok, better fill in the gaps. A cool morning. My team involved a swimmer, a ski paddler, a runner(me) and a board paddler.

The team is quite rightfully stacked but I'm the youngest at 42 so we do give up a lot to any other young teams. The swimmer came out first and passed to the ski paddler who has the longest leg and remained first.
I was next and my huge part of the team was a total 8 mins and 36 seconds. Possibly about 2ks on the soft and hard sand. Really a sprint. Then onto the board paddler who took us home for the win for the 4th year in a row.
The ski paddler, who is 54 said he had to retire after next years event. Soft I reckon.

The prize was a pair of ray-ban sun glasses. Well they did say ray-ban. Probably back of a truck. But they look good.

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Ewen said...

Sunburn is better than shark bite.