Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Easy 12k

Yes Ewen it is all easy. Yeah right! I suck , to borrow a Mister G line.

I'm using the Vat_Man theory handed to me by 26 miles early last year.
That is, no really slow stuff as it doesn't help me run fast. Also as Dr Jamie Harrison says "Your legs rest for 8 hours every night". Fair comment I reckon.

Did a couple of laps of the running track in Centennial Park and then down to Fox Studios and back. Very windy and humid tonight. 28k wind and 71% humidity.
Total was 12.4ks in 54:02. Average pace of 4:21 per klm.


Ewen said...

If it's working for you keep doing it. 4:20-30s might start feeling easy. Don't drop the marathon paced (4:00/k) stuff (or faster running/races).

I used to think Peter Kallio trained fast all the time, but 4 minute ks for him was 'easy', as his marathon race pace was 3:33s. 140k per week though!

Ewen said...

I don't think Jamie is running fast "all the time" these days if he runs "often with his wife".