Friday, January 30, 2009

Centennial Park 11ks

25 degrees, 70% humidity and 25k winds, made for an unpleasant run tonight. Very hard to maintain pace.
Ran around part of Centennial Park and down to Fox Studios and back.

All up 11ks in 47:01. Average of 4:16 per klm. I thought I was running slower than that.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

MLR 16ks

Did a few laps around Centennial Park inside and out tonight. Heaps of people getting in the way inside the park. Keep left you idiots it isn't hard!

Ran 16.5ks in 1:15.15. Average pace of 4:33 per klm. Much better than 2 weeks ago.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Menai Fun Run 8k

Variously advertised as 8k, when in the past it was 8.2k. Apparently the section of start in the carpark with a narrow right hand turn was taken out due to safety. Sounds feasible as our start was on a straight stretch of road.
The course was described by Nando and John Dawlings as hilly. I tend to agree after running this morning.

We had the usual fun run start. The all too common primary school kid 100m sprint and then stop in the middle of the crowd coming at them. Ah well, they will learn. Had no aspirations for this run other than to enjoy myself on the hills. I don't know about the uphills being enjoyable, but with my weight I was a killer on the downhills. Got to be fast somewhere.

Managed to get around the course in 36:39 and come 47th I think from the number they gave me. It was a great morning on Australia Day but humid as hell. 72% I think was the number.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Centennial Park 25ks

Glad I didn't have to run long on Saturday. Surely the chocolate inside me would have melted. Lucky today was a nice 23 degrees with a cool southerly blowing.
Did a few different loops around Centennial Park with some parts of the run on the grass. Wasn't feeling the best today but the run had to be done anyway.

Total was 25.6ks in 2:03.50. Average pace of 4:50 per klm.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

NSW 5000m track titles

A very hot and windy homebush track greeted us tonight. They had so many males enter (75) that they added a 4th race which I ended up in. Ie- the slowest race.
I didn't have any expectations for the race at all. A good way to run sometimes. No pressure, no PB's to chase. Just run!

Settled into my state 3k race position of last. Hopefully I'll catch someone eventually. The seeding was a bit dodgy or maybe the filling in of recent form as Luke Sky Runner belted past me at the 2k mark heading for a 16:41 PB. Think he should have been in the 3rd race.

Mouth was very dry from the 2k mark onwards and everytime we headed down the back straight we were met by a strong headwind. The wind seemed to disappear by the time the 2nd race was run. I did manage to haul in EJ who was 2nd last by the 2nd last lap.

I rounded the bell at 18:57 and put on my Kenny Bekele sprint to finish in 20:21. A masterful performance if I do say so myself. I'm glad that finished I ran out of fingers counting to 12 and a half laps.

A great run by Tom H on the night with a 30 second PB. Would have run 15:30 if not for the wind and heat.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Easy 10k

Didn't run yesterday as I had a late meeting.
Did an easy run around Centennial Park. Very windy tonight and still warm even with the sun almost down.

Ran 10.2ks in 49:02. Average pace of 4:48 per klm.

P.S Dave Criniti currently has the fastest Marathon time by an aussie for 2009. Go Uncle!

2:29.55.0 David Criniti N 120678 1 Hobart 4-Jan

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Centennial Park 20k

Wasn't moving too well after getting sunburnt this morning. Legs didn't want to go fast at all and the singlet was really itching on the sunburn.
Ran 20.1ks in 1:37.09. Average pace of 4:50 per klm.
Have the State 5000m on Thursday so didn't need to do as much today.

Jack Carter Cup 2009

An event I had to do this morning at my Surf Club. 4th year in a row that the team I was in has won. Will post more later. Sunburnt! and now I have to go for a run. Ok, better fill in the gaps. A cool morning. My team involved a swimmer, a ski paddler, a runner(me) and a board paddler.

The team is quite rightfully stacked but I'm the youngest at 42 so we do give up a lot to any other young teams. The swimmer came out first and passed to the ski paddler who has the longest leg and remained first.
I was next and my huge part of the team was a total 8 mins and 36 seconds. Possibly about 2ks on the soft and hard sand. Really a sprint. Then onto the board paddler who took us home for the win for the 4th year in a row.
The ski paddler, who is 54 said he had to retire after next years event. Soft I reckon.

The prize was a pair of ray-ban sun glasses. Well they did say ray-ban. Probably back of a truck. But they look good.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Sydney Summer Twilight 5k

Walked over to Centennial Park to have a run with a few CR's. Reading the thread it looked like about 20 may turnup. I think it was more like 50 doing either the 5 or 10k.
Decided before the race to run it as a Marathon Pace 5k which meant running 21 mins for the 5k. I had Colin for company for most of the 1st k before his wine drinking kicked in and he pulled away from me.

Near the showjump grounds I heard a familiar sound behind, trying to disguise himself. He tried for 2ks to not clear his throat which gives him away. But he forgets I know what sound his feet make when he hits the tar so I didn't have to look around. It was the Red headed flat top wearing Ultra Blue Dog!

Apparently I was putting in a few Kenyan surges to try and drop the Dog. News to me, I was just pacing myself. Eventually the little blighter ran down hill past me just before the finish. I saw him punch the sky in enjoyment as he took off for the next 5k.

I casually glided in on pace at 21:02. Gee pacing plans work somedays. Very gusty all the way through the run.
Thanks to Colin for the waterbags, should come in good use on Sunday. Great to see so many CR's as well that I havn't seen for a few months.
Good hear Kanser went well at Dubai chasing Haile!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Anzac 430's

Pity it wasn't 430 Anzac biscuits I had to eat. Just 430m reps. No track just a run along Anzac Pde on the grass. Ran uphill with the Southerly and downhill into the Southerly.
Hard work back into the wind even if it was a little downhill. I managed to knock out 10 reps in total. Not real fast on the grass and wind.
Plus the Google maps seemed to measure it longer than I thought it was, or maybe I'm running faster.
Did a 2k warmup and a 2k cooldown afterwards. Reps ranged between 75-85 seconds with a 60 second recovery.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

MLR 16ks

27 degrees and 35k winds with gusts up to 50ks tonight. I really did not feel like running at all.
Ran around and around and around inside and out of Centennial Park just for fun. Lots to look at tonight.

Total was 16ks in 76:00. Average pace of 4:45 per klm. A bit slow. The legs took awhile to warmup from yesterdays session.

Maybe Dr JH's wife is fast Ewen? Good to see an article about Eagle in this months Runners World. Hopefully I'll hold together to celebrate his 100th at Canberra Marathon.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Easy 12k

Yes Ewen it is all easy. Yeah right! I suck , to borrow a Mister G line.

I'm using the Vat_Man theory handed to me by 26 miles early last year.
That is, no really slow stuff as it doesn't help me run fast. Also as Dr Jamie Harrison says "Your legs rest for 8 hours every night". Fair comment I reckon.

Did a couple of laps of the running track in Centennial Park and then down to Fox Studios and back. Very windy and humid tonight. 28k wind and 71% humidity.
Total was 12.4ks in 54:02. Average pace of 4:21 per klm.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Centennial Park 8ks

The legs were not feeling too good tonight. Hamstrings were feeling a touch stretched you would say. Anyway I ran down to Fox Studios and back, so boring I know.
Total was 8.2ks in 38:20. Average pace of 4:40 per klm. I even had rain fall on me. Don't think much touched the ground though.

The grass is good Ewen and I don't worry too much about speed on it. It feels nice to run on.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

2 Hours around Centennial

Had to run late in the afternoon as I needed to do some work this morning.
It was only 23 degrees but 60% humidity and a strong North Easter blowing.
Body just didn't feel that good today about running at all.

Total was 25.5ks in 2:01.04. Average pace of 4:44 per klm.

Ran about a quarter of the run on the grass as well which was a bit slower but easier on the legs.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tempo Run

I am lead to believe that a tempo run is supposed to be about 10 secs a k over your 10k race pace. Can't remember whose theory this was or is.
My last 10k was a PB but that was in March last year. And that was at 3:46 per klm pace.
With that in mind I set out to do a tempo run at 3:56 per k pace.

Did a 10 min warmup and a 20 min cool down after finishing.

Ran 2.5k in 9:44. Average pace of 3:53 per klm. Close enough.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Centennial Park 10ks

Nice conditions tonight. Happy the humdity is staying away for awhile. The breeze was nice and cool as well.
Around Centennial Park again.
10.1ks in 45:50. Average pace of 4:32 per klm. I'm getting used to this pace. Maybe there is some truth in the body adapting to runs all at the one pace. Just need it to hang together for the 30k runs for Canberra.
Throw in a few MP runs and I'm there.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

5klm @ MP

Very pleasant conditions compared to last night. 18 degrees and light misty rain falling. No chance of dehydration today.
Ran up to Fox Studios and back after doing a 1k warmup. Started a bit too fast, but in then end finished close to what I wanted.
Did the 5k in 20:50 when I was aiming for 21:00.
Still need practice on my pacing.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Hot and very Hot

Inspite of the late afternoon/evening cloud cover it was still 33 degrees when I went out for a run. I was so dehydrated I thought I did one more lap of Centennial Park than I actually did do.

Lucky the park has plenty of bubblers to drink from or I would have melted into a brown chocolate mess. Wouldn't be a good look in a yellow packet.

Total was 13.4ks in 62:27. Average pace of 4:39 per klm. Nice in the heat.

I was just trying to give Blue Dog hope that he could beat me at the Equaliser this year.
Ewen that plan went out the window with the lack of training for most of 2008.
Good to have you back running Clairie. See you at Canberra?

Did see Damien Tancred and Dave Byrne running in the park tonight.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Beyond the Black Stump Fatass 33ks

I was all camelbakked up with 4 hrs sleep as we embarked on a bloody great bush run at 6am.
Joined Spud and Rod the Hornet plus a few others to start early at 6am to avoid the heat of the day.
A great fog kept us well hidden as we ran along the trail down to the ferry. Too much chatting between the 3 of us as we hit the ferry after 58mins. Usually would be around 50mins. Just before reaching the ferry I sprained my ankle which lead to a very painful rest of the run.
We got to the ferry on time so we didn't have to wait which was a good bonus. Up the hill on the other side with the 3 of us staying together enjoying the run and the aerly cool temps.

Onto the trail and past the locked gate and down the road to the castle. I resprained my ankle along here so had to go a bit slower letting Rod and Spud go ahead.
On the way back from the castle the first of the 7am starters flew past the opposite way. I still probably had about 40mins lead on him.
I stopped for a drink at Jan's great drink stop. Love the cold can of coke and a few jelly babies.
Downhill to the ferry trying to chase Rod and Spud.

Reached the ferry and the ferryman said they were on the one before me so I was about 7mins behind them. I decided my foot didn't need twisting on a loose rock again so I took the road on the way back.
Very steep and hot on the black top. I met Rod and Spud just before the finish on the road.

Finished in 3:45.05. Probably about 32ks as the road back is a bit shorter than the bush.
My longest run since March when I was training for Canberra Marathon.
Great to get out in the bush for a run especially to start the New Year.
Hope everyone had a great New Year.