Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Half Marathon Pace Run-7ks

Looking for a flat place to run this I headed down to the Bay again. Starting from Drumoyne Rowers and running down the 5k course until the end. And then turned and ran back up to the 3k marker. Broke a bit of rythym doing it that way. After finishing did a 3k cool down back to the car.

Ran 7ks in 27:46. Average pace of 3:58 per klm. I was aiming at 4 minute ks so a bit quick for the purpose of the session. But satisfying as it felt good to keep that pace on the flat.

Lets see how I go with the hills and crowd added in on Sunday morning. Feels good anyway.

My Half Marathon PB has now been fixed up by the race organisers from the Lake Macquarie Half. I've now been given 86:44 as the PB. So a 32 second PB for the race. Now I have a faster time to beat at Sydney Half.


Jen_runs said...

Good luck on Sunday Flakey. I'm sure your new PB will soon be an old one!

Don Juan said...

Everything looking up for Sunday; that's a solid 7km. Save something for the 20km mark.

See you at the finish.

Ellie80 said...

yay! that is a good run! see you sunday - perhaps just at the end :)

26miles said...

Good luck on Sunday mate. Hopefully the radiation treatment catches anything else with your Dad.