Saturday, September 02, 2006

Striders North Head 10k Race

Under promise and under deliver. Done on both fronts.

Arrived very early 6:20am and did a bit of a warmup with 26 miles up to the roundabout and back. It this stage I already wasn't feeling confident about the race.

Started out really well and was at the 2k mark in 7:30, so looking good.
Well after that it was all mud. Found it very hard to get any rythym and felt like I was struggling just to run in any decent form. I proceeded to then go through every k in 4minute pace and eventually get to the 9k mark at 35:40.

Managed to crank out a 3:41 last k. Well that one is downhill partially to finish in 39:21.

Good points. Yes I do have some, besides missing the PB by 10 seconds.

Fastest 10k in 14 months.
An improvement of 1:14 over 10k since Homebush in July.
A course PB by 1:36 from May last year.
2nd Fastest 10k ever for me.

I know I can run better than this, just not today.
Much to work on before the year is out. I am as keen as mustard to knock off the 5 and 10k PB's this year. Plus knock the Half PB down to sub 84.

Thanks for everyone's support in the last month, much appreciated.


Gronk said...

Sorry you had a bad day of the office mate. Still as you said, your on the improve and you can't ask for much more. :)

Ellie80 said...

Hey flake - sounds like a rough day to cap off a rough week. take it easy on yourself buddy. you will be there before you know it :) still - a pretty darn good run in my books!

26miles said...

What's the rush Flake - it was a good solid effort and only seconds off your p.b. Just keep doing the work and the times will take care of themselves. Well done !

Ewen said...

You mentioned the positives. On the day it just didn't happen, that's all. Keep building the training and the PBs will come.

Bernie G said...

Great effort today and so close to your PB which is great. The old Flakey is back.

Tesso said...

Congrats Flakey! 2nd fastest 10k ever - you can't whinge about that. Well, you can whinge about it but no-one will listen ;-)