Monday, September 25, 2006

A short one hour

Ran around Centennial Park, how unsual for me. Stayed mostly on the grass.

Ran 10.6ks in 55:15. Average pace of 5:12 per klm.
Just easing back into after a week off. Reading an old running mag, ok only a few months old. Apparently you lose 10% of your fitness for each week you don't run when injured. Although not injured the only exercise I did last week was one day of hard snow ski-ing.


Clairie said...

You only lose fitness if you do NO training after being a regular training person. It can take up to 3 weeks to see an effect though.

They say crosstraining will maintain or in some cases improve fitness...but what you do lose is speed and/or endurance.

As a runner you lose the capacity to run fast and long even with just a week off from running.

But still - the break our bodies deserve is worth the time off. We can't be training at peak 52 weeks a year OUCH!

Clairie said...

BTW - all of the above is just my opinion and experience....nothing qualified in there whatsoever :)

2P said...

Well if you did your ski-ing in the middle of the week you should be jake - takes at least 72 hours to lose previous training effect ;-)

Blue Dog's Mum said...

quote -
"Apparently you lose 10% of your fitness for each week you don't run when injured."

And you get it back at about 2% per week.

So now you are 8% less fit than you were two weeks ago.

And if Clairie is correct, we will see the results of this in 3 weeks time.

So you should have an absolute shocker at SMC on 15th October.

I'm sure you won't disappoint us.

Ewen said...

55:15 is about 10% of an hour SF, so you're doing fine.