Wednesday, September 13, 2006

One Hour Easy 10.5ks

A nice cool night for a run. Ran around Centennial Park down to Fox Studios and back again. Mostly ran on the grass to save the legs.
Ran into Gronk down near Queens Park having a run in the skins.

I ran 10.5ks in 57:30. Average pace of 5:28 per klm.
Took the run nice and easy and didn't try and push it.

It seems my Dad will be starting 5 weeks of radiation late September. Hopefully that will have him feeling well for Christmas.


Clairie said...

Superflake I hope you continue to enjoy your running and get through the next few months physically and emotionally.

Christmas will then be a wonderful time to rejoice with the family and just be together celebrating life and family.

I hope the radiation doesn't tax your dad too much. Tell him the whole of Australia is praying for him and sending their best wishes (well the whole of the Australian Coolrunning community anyhow!)

Tesso said...

What Clairie said :-)

Don Juan said...

Keep going stong Flakey, we're all with you and your Dad.

Hopefully your Dad will recover quickly again, and I'll be running by Christmas.