Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A lap of Centennial Park-7ks

No time to run tonight. Just did a quick lap of Centennial Park around the outside.
Ran on tar and grass with a bit of sand thrown in and one long hill.

Ran 7.6ks in 34:23. Average pace of 4:31 per klm.


Ewen said...

Did you get revenge on the rock Paul?

How about having a go at the triple jump this summer?

Don Juan said...

Yeh, have a shot at the decathlon, or 400 hurdles.

R2B said...

I have a book by a famous running coach and exercise physiologists that says you don't lose any significant amountof fitness until two weeks of non running are up (2.7%).From then on it is a rapidly falling curve.after 3 weeks you are 4.8% down.You don't go down by 20% until approx.10 weeks after injury stops your training.

Hope this is useful and encourages you to take a short break if your body tells you you need it rather than risking injury ala stressies etcetera!

Cheers R2B