Sunday, September 10, 2006

Magpies R Us

A 7am start this morning as I ran into Centennial Park. A howling southerly was blowing as I made my way around the park. Getting up to the ovals up at Oxford St I was dive bombed by 3 magpies on the 2nd lap of the park. Not one when I ran the oval on the first lap around the park. They do nest in the pine trees next to the oval so I was asking for trouble.
Luckily I managed some pace as I ran down one side of the oval to escape them. I just saw Birds again on foxtel and was thinking of a Hitchcock moment for a while.

Plenty of water in the lakes which are over flowing at the moment so the big storm water drain on Alison Rd is flowing like the Snowy River should be.
I thought I would have a non CR day until right near the end I saw Kit, Razor, and Roses with two other ladies about to start their runs.

Run was 18ks in 1:34:03. Average pace of 5:13 per klm. Didn't push it too hard today. Really tired after watching the Swans match and then the Rugby debacle last night.


Tesso said...

My running buddies reckon the only way to aviod the maggies and other birds dive bombing them is to run with me. I think I have a big target on the top of my head that is visible only to birds, kinda like one of those dog whistles.

Anyway, nice pace for somebody not pushing it!

Brendan said...

5:13/km you may have overdone the taper..

Horrie said...

It's nice to have a nice cruisy run after all your recent races Flake. Rest up and I'm sure you will be ready to rock next Sunday.

Gnscon said...

Mate, I'm just getting back into the real world after the birth of Lucia and catching up with peoples blogs. Very sorry to hear about your father. Hope his progress is quick and steady.

Also sorry to hear about Gronks father. Seems like a bad time of the year at the moment.

Good luck.

KIT said...

Ray coped it as well!!! Maby an ice cream container is in order!!

2P said...

Get a hat with a picture of a cat on top ;-)

Good to hear your dad is recovering.