Friday, September 22, 2006

Training Camp Photo's

Unfortunately I have been let loose with a camera at the training camp. Many hills here to do some reps on.
One photo is the view from the golf course across the Rakaiia river to Mt Hutt in the background.
The road(in the dry) is going to a place east of Christchurch where an old glacier carved out this bay. Half the street and shop names were french. Very weird in the land of the maori. And how did they get here when the Maori's wouldn't even let the Poms in?
A view of the back country from the top ofMt Hutt. Went heli-skiing in there last year.
The last road is going back through the Alps that I crossed when I drove from the East Coast to the West Coast via Arthurs Pass. A very narrow country!


Don Juan said...

Looks fantastic scenery.
You can be excused for not going running. Too many other better things to do.

David Criniti said...

Great photos mate. Looks like a great place to go running.

Good to hear things are looking up for your dad too. I'll keep my fingers crossed.


Jen_runs said...

Thanks for the comment Flakey.

Bewdiful photos! I should get to NZ one of these days...

Ewen said...

Spectacular country SF. No wonder they have good mountain runners over there.

When I visit NZ it'll be in February - to try and miss some of those long white clouds.