Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Training Camp

More photo's when I work out how to download from the new digital camera.

Missed out on a race I could have done on the 30th of September.

Ski 2ks, Mountain Bike 16ks and then run 10ks to a pub. Called the Peak to Pub race.

The Mountain Bike would be very interesting. 1000M vertical over 16ks on a dangerous gravel/shale road that I had trouble driving on. The finish in the pub would be excellent.

Now we could get MPH and FPT to add the Mountain Bike bit into the 20/20 pub crawl somewhere and it would make it interesting.

Ok I'm not actually running, just standing on the top of Mt Hutt.


Professor said...

Now thats way too close Paul!

miners said...

but how do we incorporate the skiing into the 20/20?

nice spot Mt Hutt. First learnt to snowboard there - also had my first ever massive stack dropping into that big hollow section that shows up as a dark patch in the middle of the front run on the ski maps.

Have fun mate!

Gronk said...

Looks like a great place for hill reps mate. Now get started !

R2B said...

Sounds like fun though!

2P said...

Good to see the CR cap go on holidays - has it sent any postcards yet?