Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tears for Fears

I had no time tonight to do anything longer so just did a lap of Centennial Park the long way round. Including going down to Anzac Pde and back home.

Ran 7.6ks in 36:11. Average pace of 4:45 per klm. Felt really good running in the rain, although thinking about my Dad a bit too much doesn't help keep dry.

I had a phone call from my mother after the run and she said my Dad was in intensive care still and in a lot of pain. Kept asking the nurses to take the weight off his shoulder. That could be the drugs talking though. He is talking and breathing without oxygen which is fantastic.
The Doctor was very happy with how he responded to the surgery. They took a piece of one lung so hopefully he won't be too restricted when he gets out. Early days yet.

Thank you for everyone's kind thoughts, very much appreciated. I try to keep this blog running/injury related mostly but even though I have had a good run in the last 2 weeks with training my Dad has been on my mind since he first went into hospital on Tuesday last week.


Jen_runs said...

This blog is your space Paul. Blog about whatever you want - & don't apologise for it. As much as we try, events in our personal life DO impact upon our training, even if that impact isn't visible (eg in our times). Stress, lack of sleep etc take their toll.

So glad to hear that your Dad's surgery went well :-) Don't forget to take care of yourself

J x

Spud said...

Good to hear the operation went well Paul. There's more important things in life and family is one. Hope your Dad pulls through mate.

Ellie80 said...

Hey Flake - I'm so sorry to hear about your dad but I am glad that the surgery went well. Take care of yourself too and I hope he keeps on improving.


Clairie said...

Hiya Flake,

The fact that the Dr's are very happy with how everything has progressed so far is really good news.

Now Dad just needs the support and love of his family and friends to get through his recovery and find out what happens from here.

It makes sense to blog these things - that way you can see the effect on your training when you look back and also your friends can be supportive to you when they know what is going on.

Take care big flake and we'll be thinking of you over the next few days/weeks. Bit tough having to worry about your dad around Fathers day heh?

*big hugs*

Bernie G said...

I am happy to hear your Dad is breathing unsupported. My mother was in intensive care for 6 days after her surgery last month. I believe ICU is the best place for them, more attention and rest. You can relax knowing they are being well cared for.

go girl said...

Sorry to hear about your Dad Paul. These things definately do impact on your training and as Jen said, it's your Blog you say what ever you want.

Take care and I hope your Dad continues to improve.

Blue Dog's Mum said...

Best wishes to your father Paul.

And finally you are showing a bit of form in your running ... it's been a long wait.

That probably comes from hanging around with my son, who also expresses his kindest regards to your Dad.

2P said...

Glad to hear the op went well SF - sounds like he will be chasing the nurses in no time.

Running is a good tonic at times like these.


Horrie said...

Glad to hear the surgery went well Paul. Your dad is lucky to have a son such as you. You and your family are in our prayers.

Professor said...

Hey mate, just a quick one to say we're all behind you and hoping everything turns out OK for you and the family.


Don Juan said...

Best wishes flake for you and your Dad.
Look after yourself and stay strong. Hope to see you soon in the park.