Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Playing in the sandpit-13ks

A bit longer run tonight and a bit faster as well. Ran around the outside of Centennial Park sticking to as much grass as I could.
While running back home a rock that must have been buried by Blue Dog's Mum in one sandy section leapt out at me and knocked me over. At least I had a soft landing.

Ran 13.3ks in 1:05:02. Average pace of 4:53 per klm. A bit of a strong sea breeze blowing tonight but not too bad.


Jen_runs said...

Gee, Blue Dog's mum is pretty cheeky if she has to resort to tactics like that to stop or slow you down ;-)

Don Juan said...

I've never seen Blue Dog fall over in the park either.

Centennial Park is a graveyard of tree roots and rocks.