Tuesday, October 03, 2006

5k Time Trial = PB

Well it has been a long long time between 5k PB drinks for me. January 2005 to be exact.
Decided it was time to attack the old 5k PB.
This time headed down to the Bay Run to run a nice and flat course.

Splits were 3:46, 3:44(7:30), 3:45(11:15), 3:55(15:10), 3:44(18:54).
A bit of a headwind between the 3rd and 4th k. So that's a 9 second PB but I'll take it thanks.

Then did a 2k cool down in 10:20 back to the 3k marker.
Did 1k fast back to the 2k mark in 3:40. And then ran back to the start as a 2k cool down.

So happy I just had to have a red wine to celebrate. Love it.


Bernie G said...

Great effort on your 5k PB without anyone pushing your or someone to chase. You certainly earned the glass of red.

Jen_runs said...

Awesome result Flakey. A glass of red sounds like a perfect way to celebrate if you ask me!

Horrie said...

You are in cracking form at the moment as is your nemesis Blue Dog. Should be an interesting battle on Saturday at Homebush. I reckon you could sell tickets for this race.

Gronk said...

Wow a PB running solo ! Your smokin Flake !

Don Juan said...

You're melting Flake.

Race tactics Saturday have to be to sit on the Dog's elbow for the first loop, then kick at 5km - 6km. Forget about the last 4km just scare the pants off him and the rest will happen.

Clairie said...

Well done Flakey!!

Hope you save some in the bottle for after your next race - I think that will be ANOTHER pb too!

miners said...

fantastic purple patch mate. Bet you can't wait for the weekend's 10km!

KIT said...

Oooh very nice!!! Cant wait to saturdays result :-)

2P said...

Wow how good is that as a solo time trial???

Very nice indeed.

Ewen said...

That's a good PB SF. So hard in a time trial too. If only 5000s didn't have 4th kilometres!