Friday, October 06, 2006

Pyramid Scheme

Ran around Randwick and Moore Park tonight as I am not running at Homebush tomorrow.

Ran 3ks in 12:00. Average pace of 4:00 per klm. Then had a 5min standing recovery.
Ran 2ks in 7:34. Average pace of 3:47 per klm. Then had a 4 min standing recovery.
Ran 1k in 3:40.

I was actually trying to do 4/3:45/3:30. Oh well, worth a shot on tired legs for the last one.


Blue Dog's Mum said...

"Oh well, worth a shot on tired legs for the last one."

How could you have tired legs ... you've only done 29km in the last 5 days???

That really is a unique new addition to The Great Big Book of Excuses.

Lucky you didn't get those tired legs out to Homebush:)

Horrie said...

That's a great session Flake. I would be wrapped to run that session anywhere near that pace. Keep your chin up mate. There will be plenty more 10km races.

Ewen said...

A good session SF. It's difficult to run these by yourself.

I'm curious about the standing recoveries. We usually have walking recoveries which dissipates the lactic acid, although short standing recoveries (say 30secs) when doing 200s is good 800m training.