Saturday, October 28, 2006

CR 5K Challenge

I arrived at the bay early as I had to park my car near the finish so I could go off to work straight after. I was confronted by a very strong south-westerly wind with white caps on the bay. As we run the 1st 3k towards the South I decided I wouldn't bother with going hard today.
I did a 3k warmup around to the start to join the masses awaiting the Tiger Angel starting gun.

Started with the 19min group which included Colin and Nando but I had already decided to just cruise around the bay. So did just that being passed by the other groups near the 3k marker and promptly rolling to the finish with a 20:54. Saved myself for another day as I see it.

Ran the 1k back to the car to go to work for the day. Checked the weather while at work and we had wind speed today of 10-15knots with gusts 25-30 knots. Pretty windy.


2P said...

Hey Flake - I missed you today - not stalking you (like Miners) or anything but I wouldn't have minded saying "g'day".

Nice job getting the challenge in before work.

Don Juan said...

No point doing anything silly when you've got the Dog on toast.

Ewen said...

Probably a good idea to keep the powder dry Flake. 3m/sec winds are not fun.

Blue Dog's Mum said...

Another original and unique Pauline classic for inclusion in his upcoming book "A Thousand Excuses for Slow Running" ...

"it was too windy".

Yeah I saw that Six Foot bloggy thing you've got happening too. I loved the post about 'sub 3-hour Canberra Marathon in 2006' - that was a doozie ... another 'F' on the report card.

Also 'sub 5-hours at Six Foot 2007'.... jeez, I hope it's not windy on the day!