Tuesday, October 10, 2006

7x1k Reps. With a PB.

Around the bay again. No warmup so I was asking for trouble. Not happy with the pacing tonight as I was up and down in speed. Maybe the wind effected it?

Reps went 3:37, 3:27, 3:32, 3:36, 3:34, 3:37, 3:37. A 2 second PB for a 1k rep. Oh yeah.
All done with a 2minute walk recovery after a tip from Ewen about lactic acid. Legs felt better during the reps for it.

It helped during the 2nd rep that I had some guys run past pretty quick as I was in my recovery so had someone to chase. I'm pretty sure they sped up when I went past so I had to go a bit quicker to keep away from them. Certainly helped.

On the 3rd rep I was nearly shirt fronted into the bay by someone who decided to stay right while approaching me and I nearly ended in the water. %$*&#@. Keep left.

Feeling good for the half on Sunday.


Jen_runs said...

Good work Flakey. Congrats on the latest PB & good luck on Sunday!

Spud said...

good times again SF, good luck on Sunday!

Blue Dog's Mum said...

That first rep was OK, then it turned into a Dog's breakfast.

Anyway, you seem happy. So just this once, NO EXCUSES ON SUNDAY!!!

Lil' Bluey may turn up for a cool-down after running Fitzroy Falls Marathon the previous day. He likes running with you. He says running with you is always very........

Ewen said...

Not sure if it's just Firefox, but everything after 3:27 is black text - a bit hard to read.

Could have been the start of your triathlon career ;)

miners said...

hey - nice effort on the sub-3.30. You're right - nothing like getting over-taken for the rush of blood to hit!