Friday, October 13, 2006

Easy 10ks

Still 29 degrees when I went for a run at 7:30pm. How hot is that for October.

Ran around Centennial Park and down to Fox Studios and back again.

Ran 10ks in 45:24. Average pace of 4:32 per klm.

Had a rest day yesterday. Had to go and see the parents for dinner. My father is pretty crook at the moment due to the radiation treatment. He has no taste for food and can only taste water.
He has just finished the 2nd week so has three more to go.


Ewen said...

Not as hot as Death Valley in June.

Sounds like a tough time for your father. I hope things get better.

Jen_runs said...

Family is all that truly matters Paul. I'm sending your dad good thoughts!