Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Easy Run-30 Minutes

Ran around the neighbourhood just for fun.

Took it easy today and ran it all on tar down to Fox Studios and back and around a few streets near there.
Ran 6.55ks in 31:16. Average pace of 4:46 per klm.
Pretty strong southerly breeze blowing tonight but nothing too hard.

Looking forward to the 10k on Saturday. Site of the PB from July last year and due for a flogging. Just have to see if Ultra Blue Dog is up to the challenge of being chased around the park at Homebush.


Blue Dog's Mum said...

" .... have to see if Ultra Blue Dog is up to the challenge .... "

Little Bluey is smack bang in the middle of peak training load for GNW100 and C2K.

His body is so full of lactic acid at the moment that I have been using him like a brush to scrub the driveway clean. It leaves him with a few abrasions, but he heals quick.

He says he will be there on Saturday, straight from work off 2 x 14-hour night shifts, so you have no excuse for not giving him a good arse-kicking at Homebush.

This should be your best chance in a while, PB-boy ... probably since your last victory over him in July LAST YEAR! Geez it has been a long time in between drinks for you.

Good luck and kind regards to your Dad.

2P said...

Look forward to reading the result SF.