Sunday, October 22, 2006

A lazy Sunday

Sydney Adventist Hospital Fun Run 10ks

Up to Wahroonga for an 8am start of this race. The suburb is noted for its hills and the race certainly didn't disappoint. The weather looked a little dicey before the start but we had no rain during the race. There was a 10k run, 5k run and a 5k walk going on.
The 10k was off at 8am and we were down around the grounds of the hospital which has hills in its grounds and then out onto the flat fox valley rd which was a narrow rd just waiting for an accident with all the traffic on it. Then it was down and around the local streets with many hills waiting. Saw Pod Runner with kids clapping as I ran around one corner. There were 3 drink stations during the 10k with the course being an out and back mostly so we saw most of the runners. It only became a bit chaotic when the 5k came back to the finish about the same time.
I finished in 41:16 on my watch, not bad considering the hills in Wahroonga. Saw Leftie at the race doing the 5k plus Dash Incredible doing the 10k and met Nite Time Runner as well.
It was well organised with heaps of marshalls and Matt Robbie won it and was absolutely flying. Had to race off to my surf club for another race.

Surf Club Swim and Run

No swimming since March so the race was always going to go well. Nice to be back out in the surf fighting around the buoys. Good waves to come back into the beach totally stuffed.
Skipped the board and ski race and then went in the run. It was all off scratch today so no handicaps until next round. Managed to come in 2nd so handicap should be suitably stuffed next week. The sand was nice and hard to run on.
Next up was a BBQ and beers on the back lawn of one of the clubs. Somehow managed to get burnt during the morning even though it was raining until 11am.
Found out I did actually get a pewter from winning the run last year. Christened with a beer of course.

Centennial Park 13ks

Finally home at 5pm so headed into the park for a couple of laps. Ran around the grass trail along the outside fence. Ran 13.5ks in 1:10:28. Average pace of 5:13 per klm.


Gronk said...

Gee you were a busy boy yesterday Flake ! Running after a few beers is tough work. Secret training for the 10/20 Challenge obviously.

Blue Dog's Mum said...

Well done Paul.

I mean the fact that you went elsewhere and didn't get in the way of the serious runners in the Striders Internal Half.

You could have stopped any number of them from running well.